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Business Process Outsourcing
A) Business Process Outsourcing
How can our Business Process Outsourcing services help you ?
We listen carefully to each client's needs and develop a right-fit BPO solution for your specific requirements. The following is a sampling of our capabilities:
» HR Business Support Services
1. Manual job posting and quality assurance for 1,200+ domestic and international job boards (French, Spanish, German, Chinese and many other languages)
2. Resume sourcing through job boards, social networking sites, and applicant tracking databases
3. Initial applicant screening
4. Recruitment Process Optimization
5. State board job posting to address OFCCP compliance
6. Applicant Tracking & On-boarding
7. Benefits Admin, Payroll Admin, HR Admin and Training Admin
» Litigation Support Services
1. Logical Document Determination
2. Bibliographic Coding
3. OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
4. Inventory Indexing
5. Discovery Support
6. Document Review
7. Legal Research & Paralegal Support
8. Competitive Listings
» Specialized Business Support Services
1. Real Estate Appraisal / Valuation Support Services
Comparable Search
1. Sub-divisional Search
2. Radius Search [includes Maps & Aerials
3. Highlighting and Stamping
Appraisal Data Entry
AVM Reports
2. Document Management Services
Media / Image Processing
High Volume Scanning Solutions
Data sorting / indexing / retrieval services
3. Customer Support Services
Web-based market research
Online retail sales support (P2C)
Order Management
Email support, online-based support, help desk, and technical support
4. Misc. Support Services
Data entry and data processing services
Loans and mortgage processing
Online profile approval, web content approval, website bug reports
Procurement and purchasing support
Accounting and financial back-office processing
Offloading and Optimizing Non-Core Processes
Across industries, companies are realizing the strategic advantages of business process outsourcing (BPO). By engaging a partner that assumes responsibility for management of non-core business processes, companies can dramatically improve costs, increase efficiency and cut cycle times.

Ultimately, BPO services enable you to focus more time and money on what matters most: your core business.

But not all BPO providers are created equal. To succeed, you need a partner that offers a disciplined approach with a total commitment to quality, customer service, communication, and transparency.

Those are key strengths of USSPL—and some of the reasons our clients turn to us time and again. USSPL follows a proven model for moving business processes from your team to our team. But we don't simply implement processes. We also optimize them—tapping into our team's business experience and technical expertise to wring out inefficiency and cost.

Because of USSPL's world-class custom software development capabilities, we routinely build and enhance tools to streamline and automate processes. Working with USSPL, your organization can slash costs without compromising quality. In fact, you may find that we actually improve it.

With every client, we provide open lines of communication with full visibility into what we're doing, and how. USSPL stays in constant contact through daily and weekly progress reports, weekly teleconferences with your dedicated team, web- and VPN-based shared project management tools, and instant messaging. USSPL's philosophy is simple: to keep you informed at all times. This level of transparency gives you absolute confidence that we're delivering as promised—meeting or exceeding your business requirements.
Business Process Outsourcing Model
USSPL follows a proven model for moving business processes from your team to our team. But we don't simply implement processes. We also optimize them—tapping into our team's business experience and technical expertise to wring out inefficiency and cost.
B) Outsourcing Software Services :
US systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading custom software development and outsourcing company in its field. Many IT companies have relied on our unique software outsourcing experience to get their projects done on time and within budget.
Your Benefits
A major benefit of using our services is a reduction in production costs as shown in the following list :
1. No office rent
2. No spending on staff training
3. No hardware and software expenses
4. Low man-hour rates
We will assign your project to a team of 2-20 developers headed by a project manager who will be your contact person. We also maintain a large HR-database that contains resumes of IT specialists as our potential employees. This enables us to double our workforce when needed for critical and urgent projects.

We specialize in Microsoft technologies and the following table provides a brief overiew of our skills :
Programming Languages Technologies & Protocols DB Management Systems
  VC++ / C #   Win API   MS Access
  Visual Basic / VBA / VB.NET   Win Sockets   Microsoft SQL 2005/2008
  ASP / ASP.NET   ActiveX   mySQL
  HTML / DHTML   OOP / OOD   Oracle
  XML   COM / DCOM  
    .NET Framework  
   Crystal Report XI  
   Infrajustic Tools  
We are seeking partnerships with web design companies, application service providers, and software companies. Save time and money by using our high-quality software services and solutions.
C) Offshore Product Lifecycle Management :
Our passion for quality and expertise in software product development result in finely tuned, reliable software solutions. Our capabilities and expertise are comprehensive— covering every phase of the software development product lifecycle. Our support is unparalleled—with a dedicated team of project management, engineering, and testing experts assigned to you and your product. And our approach is uniquely effective—with a suite of proven processes and tools to accelerate the development of high-quality software.
End-to-End Product Lifecycle Capabilities
Through our headquarters in New Jersey and our dedicated offshore software development center in Mumbai, India, USSPL offers ISVs a full complement of technology services.
1. New product development : US ERP helps ISVs bring innovative products to market—providing strategic guidance and tactical support from conceptualization through design, engineering, testing, and release to the market.
2. Product migration : We routinely assist ISVs in bringing their longstanding—and successful—products on to the Microsoft .NET platform.
3. Product re-engineering : Turn to USSPL's engineers for an expert "tune-up" your product—helping maximize performance while improving stability and usability.
4. Product enhancement : We work with ISVs to make winning products even better—incorporating new and/or improved features and functionality.
5. Product testing: With a wealth of experience and an industry-leading suite of tools at their disposal, USSPL's testing experts excel at identifying bugs before they derail your schedule or budget.
Product Engineering Lifecycle
USSPL's highly transparent approach to product lifecycle management never leaves you guessing. USSPL continuously communicates and collaborates—ensuring that your project flows smoothly and your goals are always met.
Bottom-Line Benefits
By working with US ERP, you enjoy a number of strategic benefits, including the ability to :
1. Accelerate time to market. Whether you're building a new product or enhancing an existing one, entrust development to USSPL's experts. Tap into our resources to achieve your development goals and bring your product to market more quickly and efficiently than you could on your own.
2. Increase return on investment. Working with USSPL's offshore resources empowers you to meet your objectives more cost effectively— and to obtain a higher return on your development dollars.
3. Maintain absolute confidence in your projects. USSPL uses a highly collaborative and transparent approach to project management. Despite time and language differences, we keep you informed at every step of your project, so you have confidence in what to expect and when.
4. Stay close to customers. Outsourcing some or all of your product development to USSPL means you have more time focus on your core business—so you can engage with your customers to better anticipate and address their needs.
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