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Coal Industry
A) US-ERP (Coal Trading)  VER - 6.0
[ERP Solution for Coal Trading & Importer]
Coal Import & buyers contract Management Coal Handling  Tender Management
Shipment Planning & shipping Management Coal Stock Taxable & High seas  Party wise
Stevedore Management System Coal Consignment Invoicing
Coal Insurance management Indigenous Coal Sales Management
Coal Plot rent Management Indigenous Coal Supervision Invoicing

Demurrage & dispatch Management

Coal Freight Invoicing
Custom duty Management System

Bonus /Penalty Calculation - Debit and Credit Notes

Party Purchase Order (Sales Order) for  Stock & Sale Management Financial Accounting
Party Purchase Order (Sales Order)  for High seas Sale Management Banking & Finance Management
Party Delivery Order Approval Management System Taxation & TDS Management System
Port wise Vessel wise Coal Stock Management FD (Fixed Deposit)Management System
Plot wise Vessel wise Coal Inventory Management LC (letter of Credit) ,Bill discounting & Banking limits Management
Shipping Freight Management System Vessel wise Cost Analysis
Local Freight Management System(Inward/outward/Godown Transfer) Vessel wise Profitability
Railway Freight Management System Coal Stock valuation State wise plot wise
Imported Coal Purchase Management Debtors & Creditors Management
Indigenous  Coal Purchase Management Foreign Exchange Management
Stock & Sale Coal Sales Accounting HR & Payroll Management
High seas sales Accounting Travel Management System
Coal Tender Sales Management Tour advance Management System

B) US-COAL-ERP (Washery)  VER UECW - 5.1
[ERP Solution for Coal Washieries]
Work Order Management
Raw Coal Purchase/Job Inward Management
Coal Washing on Job
Coal Washing for self
Washing planning
Raw Coal Stock
Coal at work in Process,
Finish (Washed) Coal Stock
waste analysis
Washed coal stock ledger
Party Work order wise Analysis
Party wise work order wise Product & stock
Railway RR entry
Railway under & under load penalty calculation
  Rake test report entry
Rake sick test report sick boxes
Party Job work invoice with abstract & without abstract wise by Road
Party Job work invoice with abstract & without abstract wise by Railway
Work Order View MIS
Washery Stock View MIS
Railway Charges View MIS
Handling & processing loss entry
Freight Management System
Sales Accounting
Store Inventory Management
Financial Accounting
Debtors & Creditors Management
Payroll Management

[ERP Solution for Coke Oven]

Job Work Order Management
Self Work Order Mangement
Coke Production planning
Inward instruction Job
Inward instruction self
Raw Coal Purchase & Inward
Job Coal Inward Work order Wise
Coke Production on Job
Coke Production for Self
Raw Coal Stock
Party wise work Order wise Raw coal stock
Coal at work in Process for Job/Self
Coke Stock for Job/Self
Coke Dust Stock for Job/Self
Coke Sale Invoice
Coke job Invoice
Bonus Penalty Calculation – Debit Note/ Credit tote
Lab test for coke
Lab test for dispatch
Stock management- raw coal, WIP, Coke & coke dust
Work Order MIS
Lab test MIS
Inward MIS
Outward MIS
Coke sale/Job MIS
Vessel wise Stock MIS,
Coal Stock MIS
Coke Stock MIS
Bonus Penalty Calculation – Debit Note/ Credit Note
Coke Excise/CVD Invoice
Commercial Invoice
Excise MIS Report
Transport wise dispatch details
Store Inventory Management
Freight Management System
Sales Accounting
Financial Accounting
Debtors & Creditors Management
Payroll Management
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